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Latest from the Blog

Writing, Reading and Critical Thinking

While being a student in English 1103, there have been many practices, tools and articles that have given me the strength to become a stronger critical thinker. Through the reading and writing assignments Dr. Lucas has provided my classmates and I with, I have realized the importance as well as the benefits they have. Ever…

The Digital World Comes with Flaws

Our lives in the digital world have evolved immensely, continuing to do so at a faster pace over shorter amounts of time. When technology was first invented, it took people years to adapt to new changes and upgrades, whereas now technology has become more common. Over the years, the presence of social media is what…

BedTime Stories

Throughout my younger childhood years, I always wanted my Dad to read me a book before going to bed. No matter where we were or what time it was, we would make time for a bedtime story without a doubt. Reading during this time was exciting for me, as I looked forward to it every…

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